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INCI: Histidine

What is Histidine?

Histidine is an alpha-amino acid, which is found in the human body. It is also synthesized in our body and plays crucial role in our body in formation of certain important proteins. It can be synthesized as well to use at large scale for cosmetics or any other medicinal use. It is found in solid crystals/ needles shape which is colorless but has a sweet taste.

Use & Benefits:

An amino acid has both the positively charged carboxyl group and a negatively charged amine group, so they can remain in a special state where they keep moving an electron from one group to another. This particular property is useful in case the static electricity is a problem and needed to be avoided. Especially hair and to some extent skin also. So, Histidine can function as an antistatic in any formulation by absorbing additional charge. That’s how it can stabilize a product and give great result in case of hair treatments.  When applied on skin histidine can draw moisture to the skin making it well-hydrated and forms a layer on the skin that does not let moisture leave the skin into air. Moisturized skin can be considered strong enough to combat environmental damaging factors. It is used in all skincare- facial care, baby care, facial cleansing, and body care products

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