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INCI: Hesperidin methyl chalcone

What is Hesperidin methyl chalcone?

Hesperidin methyl chalcone, HMC in shorter form, is a derivative of hesperidin. Hesperidin is main ingredient found in citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit etc. It comes as yellow or saffron crystal. Hesperidin methyl chalcone has unique mechanism of action. They have a vascular protective effect, meaning they strengthen the capillaries and veins by increasing their integrity, decreasing capillary leakage, and increasing strength of vascular wall in such a way they can relax and expand whenever needed.

Use & Benefits:

It is particularly useful in reducing under-eye puffiness or dark circles. Puffiness or dark circles are due to liquid pooling/settling in that area. It is used in creams used to apply under-eye.

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