Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract


INCI: Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract

What is Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract?

Hamamelis virginians, also known as American witch-hazel, is native to North America. It is well known for its fragrant winter flowers and fruit capsule with woody texture. The leaf extract is used for medicinal as well as cosmetic purposes. The extract comes as amber liquid with typical odor. The extract is obtained from cold processing of the leaf of the plant. The leaf extract mainly contains gallic acid, hamamelitannin, proanthocyanidines, polyphenols, and flavonoids.

Use & Benefits

The extract has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps skin with mild irritation or redness and helps decrease any inflammation. It also loosens the dead skin cells, dirt or dust associated with it and takes away any moisture tangled dead bacteria as well. It also shrinks the skin cells and provides pore tightening effect on the skin epidermal layer. It blocks the harmful effect caused by sun rays. It is used in skin care preparations, sun pre-and post-care preparations.




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