Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract


INCI: Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract

What is Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract?

"Witch hazel" is a deciduous small tree. It is also called "Hamamelis virginiana." The plant bears flowers and fruits and is grown in countries such as North America, China, and Japan. It is an ornamental plant grown for its yellow or orange-colored flowers. The plant's leaves and bark are used as a remedy for various skin infections. The extract obtained from its leaves is an amber liquid with a typical odor.

Use & Benefits:

Astringent and Toning Properties: Witch hazel is used for its astringent and toning properties. An astringent may dry out the skin, which can be troublesome for dry skin. However, a toner can be used for dry skin without any problems. They both reduce pore size by constricting the skin pores, which automatically reduces the secretion of excess oil and redness from the skin.

Skin Cleansing and Conditioning: Witch hazel is also used for skin cleansing and conditioning. It is effective in removing dirt and oil from the skin, making it clean and clear. Conditioning the skin improves its overall appearance.

Multiple Uses: Witch hazel is used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products such as skin cleansers, toners, moisturizers, aftershaves, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, and other skin and hair care products.

Suitable Concentration: Witch hazel is used in a concentration of 1-10%, making it suitable for use in various skin and hair care formulations.

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