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INCI: Glyceryl stearate

What is Glycerol monostearate?

Glycerol monostearate/ glyceryl monostearate/glycerin monostearate, in shorter form as GMS, is an odorless, white, flaky sweet in taste powder. In our body, GMS is found as a breakdown product of pancreatic lipase enzyme. However, it’s not a significant source in terms of skin or body functioning. For commercial purposes, it is synthesized from triglycerides obtained from animal or vegetable fats and glycerol via a glycerolysis reaction.

Use & Benefits:

Considering its structure it has many different functional groups that can ease the mixing or the blending of different ingredients. More groups more acceptable it is for formulations since it can offer different types of bonds in the product. Such a product is quite stable to any environmental changes. Here GMS also blends the oil and water well. That’s why It is used in many ice creams recipes. It is an emulsifier and anticaking agent. When mixed with water, it swells significantly, this property is particularly useful in any preparation to increase bulk. So, it is also used as a thickening agent. It has a specific quality of opacifying when used in a product, it can help bring out the particular tone of pigment and mask the mismatching colors to make the product look more eye-catching. When used in a dry formulations such as powders, it creates a sort of coating around the powder and makes it free-flowing. It is also skin-soothing; it moisturizes the skin by providing hydration effect.  So, it is particularly useful for skin products.  It is used in skin and body care products.

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Complete your routine with a cleanser and other complimentary products and accessories.


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