Glyceryl rosinate

Glyceryl rosinate

INCI: Glyceryl rosinate

What is Glyceryl rosinate?

Glyceryl rosinate also is known as, GEGR (Glyceryl ester of gum rosin)/ ester gum is a monoester of glycerol and mixed long-chain acids of rosin, also called rosin acid/resin acid. It is produced via a special process; the process provides product stability plus it does not lose its quality upon aging. There are various raw material sources available in the market, and those are ruby red to black thermoplastic resin, obtained from pinewood.

Use & Benefits

Similar to other monoesters, they have a structure that fits for use as an emulsifier or surfactant. An emulsifier holds both the oil and water phase together efficiently. They have certain active functional groups in a molecular structure that takes care of the water part and long aliphatic chain, in the same structure of a molecule that takes care of the oil part. So, the emulsifier helps the formulation look uniform and appealing to the eye.  Surfactant is another use of the ester gum, which helps create foam upon actual use of a product. Although foam may not be necessary for the product it is very important for the consumer as foam is normally seen as a way of showing that it is actually cleaning. The Esters usually imparts moisturization and are good film formers. They form an occlusive and protective film that helps skin retain moisture. It is helpful when dry skin is a real problem. It is used in personal care products, depilatory or hair removal creams, and in various cosmetic products. 


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