Glyceryl dipalmitate

Glyceryl dipalmitate 

INCI: Glyceryl dipalmitate 

What is Glyceryl dipalmitate?

Glyceryl dipalmitate also is known as palmitin, is a diester of glycerin and palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is also known as hexadecenoic acid which is naturally found in palm oil, palm kernel oil, butter, cheese, milk, egg yolk, and animal fat. Palmitic acid is also found in the body in various organs. It comes as white solid.

Use & Benefits

Palmitic acid and glycerin is a synergistic combination. Palmitic acid is a fatty acid which is readily absorbed into the skin and provides the fat content required for dry skin to heal. Also, when applied on skin it forms a mash work, which does not allow moisture to evaporate. When moisture is lost, the skin becomes vulnerable to the damages caused by atmospheric stimuli. So, when applied on the skin it makes skin look and feels smoother. Similar to other glyceryl diesters they have longer alkyl chain and many functioning groups such as -OH and -COO-, which makes both water-loving and fat-loving ingredients attached to it. So, it can be ideally used as an emulsifying agent. It is used in skincare products, makeup products, and lipstick.


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