Glyceryl dibehenate

Glyceryl dibehenate

INCI: Glyceryl dibehenate

What is Glyceryl dibehenate?

Glyceryl dibehenate is a diester of behenic acid with glycerol. However, it seldom comes purely as dibehenate alone, rather it comes as a mixture of mono-, di- and tri-benenate, predominantly diester of behenic acid. It is a white, fluffy powder with very good flowing property.

Use & Benefits

It is mainly a fatty acid-based product, so it has more fat content that is helpful for dry skin. It can form a layer over the skin, which is water impermeable. This layer protects the skin from the environment and does not let moisture to escape. When applied on the skin, it gives a softer feel and look. Due to excellent flow property and compactness, it is used as a compact agent for powder (shadows and blush), consistency and sheathing agent for mascara.


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