Glyceryl behenate

Glyceryl behenate

INCI: Glyceryl behenate

What is Glyceryl behenate?

Glyceryl behenate is a monoester of glycerol and behenic acid. Behenic acid is naturally found in peanut oil and rapeseed oil. It can also be derived from coconut fatty acids. It comes as a tasteless off-white powder.

Use & Benefits

Glyceryl Behenate is an oil-loving compound. So, when applied on skin it gets absorbed quickly like other oils. Since our skin can easily absorb oils relativity fast. When applied on skin or hair it forms a protective film over it keeping the moisture within the skin or hair strands allowing it to stay moist. It is also used as an emulsifier in many formulations, that holds oil and water together. It helps alter the viscosity of a product. It’s found in body care, hair care, and skincare, and makeup related formulations.


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