INCI: Glycerethe-6-laurate

What is Glycerethe-6-laurate?

Glycereth-6-laurate is an ester of glycerol and lauric acid. It is considered a newer generation surfactant because its source is vegetable-based and it has no bad impact on the environment.

Use & Benefits

As the name suggests it has the characteristics of both the glycerin and lauric acid. When there is a combination of both it can create an effective but not harsh emulsifier/ surfactant. It has a moderate foaming capacity, which is good news for formulators as they don’t have to add an anti-foaming agent to control the foaming property. It sure is good news for consumers since there is one chemical less. It also takes care of skin and makes it softer even when the product is used on a regular basis, thanks to lauric acid. It is also used as a solubilizer, that can help mix and solubilize extracts and fragrances.


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