Glycereth-26 phosphate

Glycereth-26 phosphate

INCI: Glycereth-26 phosphate

What is Glycereth-26 phosphate?

Glycereth-26 phosphate is phosphate salt of glycerin and polyethylene glycol. It is specially made hydrophilic by adding phosphate molecule to it. It has all the chemical properties like many alcohol groups, ester group, and a phosphate group.

Use & Benefits

As mentioned earlier, various groups make the glycereth-26 phosphate a water-loving chelating agent, which can stabilize various products by binding to any of the suitable groups. It has both water-loving and oil-loving groups in its structure, which makes it a suitable emulsifier. It can stabilize any water-oil based system more efficiently. It also has glycereth-26 like benefits for skin, it can make skin saturated with moisture, by attracting moisture with the help of its three hydroxide molecules. It also conditions skin and makes it smoother. It is used in products like skincare products, hair care products, etc.


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