INCI: Glutamine

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is also a non-essential amino acid. When the amino group is removed from glutamine, glutamic acid is formed.  Glutamine is responsible for the formation of fibroblasts, the cells that are base for skin epithelium. Glutamine comes as a white crystalline powder.

Use & Benefits

It increases collagen production. As we age and get exposed to the harsh environment, collagen which forms 75 % of the skin protein, starts breaking down. As a result, saggy and dull skin starts showing up. So, when glutamine is applied topically it penetrates into the skin and helps boost collagen formation thus tight and young-looking skin. They are also believed to be the production of compounds that are antioxidant. It also keeps skin firm by maintaining acid-base balance. It is used in skincare hair care formulation.



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