Glutamic acid

Glutamic acid

INCI: Glutamic acid

What is Glutamic acid?

Glutamic acid is alpha-amino acid and found naturally in the human body, so it is a non-essential amino acid.  Amino acids are comprised of both amino a carboxyl group. In our body, it plays a major role in the metabolism of carbohydrate.

Use & Benefits

Glutamic acid is helpful in maintaining pH value for skin.  Since it has various groups in its structure, it is easier to exchange active ions on it. Moreover, that structure also helps binding water molecule within the skin, and thus moisturizes the skin. It helps skin maintain moisture balance. It gives skin an improved appearance.  Since it has both acidic and alkaline groups in the same structure, so it can accept many ions in order to make the product stable. It acts as an antistatic agent. Static charge can lead to destabilization of a product and as a result emulsion can also break. But when amino acids are incorporated, it can stabilize the resultant product. It also forms a film around the hair shaft and protects the hair from any external damage. It is used in all hair care products, body care products, and anti-aging products.


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