Geranium extract


INCI: Geranium maculatum extract

What is Geranium extract?

Geranium maculatum is also known as wild geranium. Extract of the flower, leaf and twig or distillate obtained from aerial parts are often used as a cosmetic ingredient. The oil comes as pale green oil. The essential oil contains geraniol, Linalool, and citronellol. The geranium extract acne-prone from Pelargonium graveolens, native to South Africa.  It has a rose-like smell. It is a light to amber colored liquid.

Use & Benefits

Geranium extract /oil apart from having wonderful aroma also moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It also helps maintain sebum levels, keeping the skin balanced and not oily or dry. Because of this, the skin can maintain its moisture level and elasticity. This balance is perfect for acne- prone skin, as there's less buildup in the pores.  It is also anti-inflammatory in nature so, it can soothe inflamed or red skin, and provides a cooling sensation. It is also an astringent, meaning, it decreases pores on the skin, making the skin look smoother and tight. It is also antiseptic that helps to cleanse the skin. It is used in toiletries, haircare, skincare, pre, post-sun care, fragrances, and perfumes.


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