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INCI: Genistein

What is Genistein?

Genistein is an isoflavone compound, and a phytoestrogen found in abundance in soybean. It has a chemical structure that is similar to estrogen. It comes as a fine yellow powder.

Use & Benefits:

Genistein is a natural antioxidant, so it helps the skin fight against free radicals and the detrimental effects of oxygen. When a free radical comes in contact with skin, they attack the skin proteins collagen and elastin, and deplete them, by making skin vulnerable to further damage. Genistein heals the ongoing damage caused by free radicals. It also reduces irritation on the skin. It signals the fat cells and skin cells in such a way that it can help reduce cellulite, as it doesn’t allow the fat cells to get deposited beneath the skin. It inhibits the tyrosine protein kinase enzyme, which is an enzyme that breaks down the collagen and elastin. It improves the epidermal thickness and fills the fine lines lessing the appearance of wrinkles. It saves skin from photooxidation, by a similar mechanism as it does for other environmental damage, so it also reduces the irritation and redness caused by sunlight. It is used in Suncare products, antiaging lotions, and creams, moisturizers and hair care products.

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