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INCI: Ferulic acid

What is Ferulic acid?

Ferulic acid, also known as FA in shorter form, is naturally found in the seeds and leaves of the most plants. However, they are available in higher concentration in rice, oats, and wheat brans. For commercial purposes or in bulk it is obtained from rice bran oil. It comes as a white-brownish-yellow crystalline powder having a mild pleasant aroma.

Use & Benefits:

Ferulic acid is very active against free radicals. There are various types of free radicals for example, ‘superoxide’, ‘hydroxide’ and ‘nitric oxide’, the ferulic acid is powerful enough to neutralize all of these free radicals. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which not only fights with free radicals but also with oxygen to avoid the harmful effects of oxygen. It not only saves skin but also saves formulation against degrading effects of oxygen. Now when the free radicals come in contact with skin, they start damaging the skin, in the form of wrinkles, fines line and sagging of skin. The ferulic acid helps skin stay firm by avoiding the damaging effects of free radicals. Moreover, in the presence of UV light, the antioxidant effect of ferulic acid gets a boost and acts multifold, protecting skin from sun damage. It exerts antimicrobial effects as well according to some manufacturers. The antimicrobial effect is beneficial for skin since it works in many ways, firstly it stabilizes the product, which can otherwise get soiled because of microorganism present in the surrounding. Secondly, they fight with odor-causing bacteria, and this property is especially useful in deodorants. The third point, Acne, can also be formed as a result of bacteria P. acne. So, it can also help with acne-affected skin. Is also a good stabilizer that can stabilize the vitamin A and Vitamin C containing serums. It is used in anti-aging and skincare preparation like serums or face creams.

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