Ferula Galbaniflua resin oil


INCI: Ferula Galbaniflua resin oil

What is Ferula Galbaniflua resin oil?

Ferula Galbaniflua or galbanum is a fennel-like plant native to West Asia and the middle east, Now cultivated in Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Historically it was used as incense. The sap, when oozed out from the bark of this plant, and comes in contact with air it is dried out to get gum-resin. This gum-resin is then further extracted using different solvents to get resinoid. To obtain resin oil the resin is generally steam distilled. The resinoid is balsamic and somewhat musky in fragrance and oil comes with a sharp odor. It has terpenes such as alpha-pinene, delta -3 carene, and beta-pinene.

Use & Benefits

It was used medicinally to heal the pain in the past nowadays, it can be used in cosmetics as well as aromatherapy to refreshen skin as well as mind. It is also antimicrobial in nature because the terpenes it contains are very beneficial for skin and hair. Being antimicrobial, it is also helpful for acne-affected skin. It also calms the irritated, red skin and relieves any itchy feeling on the skin. Its balsamic aroma is quite relaxing when applied in any aromatherapy. It acts as a stress-reliever. It is also a tonic for the skin. As we age our skin because of environmental and internal aging factor, starts showing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging of skin. A toner helps skin temporarily get a tighter feeling. It is also claimed to use as a skin brightening ingredient in some of the preparations. It is a fixative in perfumery or as a fragrance ingredient.

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