Farnesyl acetate


INCI: Farnesyl acetate

What is Farnesyl acetate?

Farnesyl acetate is a flavoring compound, it is synthesized by acetylation of farnesol or by treating nerolidol and acetic anhydride. It is naturally found in blueberries, rose oil, bitter oil orange petitgrain oil, Cananga Ordata oil, etc. It comes as a clear, colorless to pale yellow liquid with a slight odor, of rose- greenish like.

Use & Benefits

It is mainly considered a flavoring ingredient. But it is also used along with other ingredients as a skin tonic, and as a moisturizer. When combined with farnesol and panthenyl triacetate, it works up to skin’s metabolism level and proven beneficial for skin health. Also, it decreases sebum production, which is particularly helpful in acne-prone skin. It is used in skincare and hair care preparation. 

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