General Questions

All refills (bases and actives) have a minimum duration of 70 uses with the device.

Yes, the bases and actives can be removed, stored, and used during 12 months.

Although this can happen in traditional cosmetics, with Lesielle you do not have this problem. This is because the active ingredients are mixed right at the moment of application and therefore do not have time to interact with each other. This is one of the major advantages of the isolated formulation. The only thing we do not recommend is to use the same ingredient twice or to combine two exfoliating actives (range imperfections) to avoid an action that is too powerful for the skin. In addition, you will have to take into account, but this is something to be learned by each person, which ingredients your skin tolerates.

Shipping & Returns

Lesielle offers free shipping in orders over:

+49$ in US
+49€ in Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands.
+99£ in UK
+1500₺ in Turkey

Free returns policy is limited to Spain. To avoid abuse of our free return policy, it will apply one time per product and customer.

Refunds & Guarantee

if you try our product and you are not 100% convinced, write to us, and you will get a full refund. To avoid abuse of our guarantee policy, skincare products should have at least 50% of their content, which will apply one time per product and customer.

The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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