The World's 1st On-Demand Personalized skincare that changes with you. Now in the US.

-30% Offer
Exclusively for Glossy Lounge subscribers
Limited Units! Offer only valid until stock lasts.


The World's 1st On-Demand Personalized skincare that changes with you. Now in the US.

Cosmética personalizada y adaptativa dispositivo y recargas
Exclusively for Glossy Lounge subscribers
-30% Offer
Limited Units! Offer only valid until stock lasts.


Personalize the moisturization and your treatment to your unique's skin needs. Change its properties whenever you want, even between 2 applications


Your personalized skincare is freshly made each time your push the button, assuring that you will have the maximum potency and care for your skin.


No need to do 5 steps and 20min skincare routine each day. All treatments are combined in one product.

Each personalized dose =

moisturization + 4 serums and eye contour


We only use highly concentrated active ingredients. Also, thanks to our Isolated Formulation™, we achieve more stability, higher concentrations and better results.


+15 Millions combinations

Create the perfect skincare combining 1 base + 4 actives from a total catalog of 16 active ingredients and 8 bases.

You will be able to:

- Adjust the level of moisturization (from oily to dry skin)

- Add and remove treatments (antiaging, anti sunspots, exfoliant...)

- Design, try and re-design your ideal skincare.

And much more!


If your skin changes, your skincare too

Is your skin drier or oilier than usual? Have a few sun spots appeared?

Our skin is alive and changes continuously due to internal (hormones, stress....) and external factors (climate, pollution...).

You will not need to buy a new whole skincare regime. Simply adjust the treatment.

How does it work?

1 BASE + up to 4 ACTIVES

  1. Add 1 moisturizing base according to your skin type: dry, normal, combination, oily (each available sensitive skin too)
  2. Add and combine up to 4 active ingredients to create a tailor-made treatment.
  3. Push the button. You will obtain your freshly made personalized skincare single-dose in 30 seconds.

Did your skin change? Adapt the treatment!

One refill last more than 2 months!! (~70 uses)

+12,500 Happy Customers

The only skincare where you decide

With Lesielle You can choose the exact level of moisturization and the best combination of active ingredients.

Because no laboratory in the world can know your skin better than you do.

How to get the Adaptive Skincare System

Includes: 1 Device +1 Base + 4 actives

1-Clic on the "order" button

This will add a special pack to the shopping cart that includes:

1 Device + 1 Base + 4 Actives

Now, complete the rest of the checkout process.

NOTE: Do not forget to add the coupon: GLOSSYLESIELLE

2-After the order, an expert will personalize your treatment

A skincare expert will contact you in the following days to personalize your base and actives combination. If you prefer it, you will have the option to choose by yourself your favorite active ingredients combination. You can check what bases and actives are available the FAQ section

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I receive my order?

Due to the high demand of orders we are receiving worldwide, shipments may be delayed. We are expecting all orders will be delivered starting December, in the order that they have been received. Once ready, we will send you a confirmation email.

How Can I buy the refills?

After the initial launching offer, we will open the official store. There you will be able to re-order the refills at your convenience.

How long does it last each refill?

Each Active and Base refill lasts about 70-75 uses. This is +2 months per refill once a day.

How much does it cost the refills?

This depends on the exact model you need but like orientation 1 base+ 4 actives (total of 65ml) is around 65$.

What are the available ACTIVE ingredients to choose?

The Available Active Ingredients are:

Retinol 0,3%

Retinol 2%

5 Pure Peptides 10%

Lifting effect 14%

Niacinamide 20%

Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside) 12%

Vitamin E 10%

Resveratrol 2%

Ferulic Acid 2%

Salicylic Acid (BHA) 4%

Glycolic Acid (AHA) 10%

Aloe Vera 200% (double concentrate than pure Aloe)

Hyaluronic Acid 2%


Argan Oil 90%

Bisabolol 4%

What are the available BASES to choose?

There are 8 available bases:

Dry skin

Normal skin

Combination skin

Oily skin


SENSITIVE Normal skin

SENSITIVE Combination skin


How does it work the personalization with an expert

After your order, a Lesielle Expert will contact you to personalize your base & active ingredients.
You will have the option to choose yourself instead.

What is the volume content of each base and Active?

Bases are 50ml, Actives 5ml.

A personalized treatment with 1 base + 4 actives is 70ml.

What payment methods can I use?

Credit Card and Paypal