Evodia rutecarpa fruit extract


INCI: Evodia rutecarpa fruit extract

What is Evodia rutecarpa fruit extract?

Evoidia rutecapa is native to China and flowering shrub. Its fruit is like berries, but very bitter in taste. They are of very much historical importance in case of internal medicine.  The actives found in Evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract are alkaloids-rutaecarpine and dehydroevodiamine.   

Use & Benefits

Alkaloids found in Fruit extract are anti-inflammatory in nature. So, it calms any infection which otherwise bothering the skin in the form of redness or inflammation. It provides relief to itchy skin as well. However, while still some research is going on, it has been observed that the alkaloid dehydroevodiamine is responsible for decreasing the tyrosinase activity. This enzyme is responsible for melanin production. So, it is beneficial in reducing the appearance of age spots and blemishes or dark spots on the skin. It also improves microcirculation on the skin and enhances radiance. It is used in skin care, baby care, body care preparation. 

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