Euphorbia Cerifera


INCI: Euphorbia Cerifera

What is Euphorbia Cerifera?

It is a wax derived from stems and branches of Euphorbia Cerifera. The plant is native to semi-arid regions of Southern Texas and Northern Mexico. It looks like a blue-green leafless plant. The wax is extracted from the plants by a specific procedure, first in boiling water dried stalks are immersed, then made acidic using sulphuric acid. Than skimmed off the product is further processed to get a pure wax with light yellow to brown color. The wax is brittle, slightly sticky, hard and lustrous.

Use & Benefits

The wax has two benefits one is it is hard, so useful in products which need to stay in a solid form, and second it has a higher melting point makes it stable in hot weather. When combined with other waxes it provides improved texture also. For products like lipsticks, hair wax, and other solid cosmetics candelilla wax is very useful. 

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