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INCI: Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil

What is Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil?

Eucalyptus is historically identified in Australia, but it is also found in various other countries like Europe, Brazil, Greece, China, and India. It has different names like fever tree, blue gum tree, stringybark tree, etc. Its leaf has a very special aroma and they are the main source of eucalyptus oil. However, eucalyptus leaf extract, leaf powder, and leaf water are also used. Fresh or partly dried leaves are specially used for this purpose and steam distilled to collect the oil. The main constituents of eucalyptus oil are eucalyptol, alpha and beta-pinene, camphene, limonene, terpineol, camphor, globulol, citronellal, sabinene to name some important ones.

Use & Benefits:

The eucalyptus oil contains ingredients; those have antimicrobial and antifungal qualities in common. Apart from cosmetics, the oil has a decongestant property for which the oil is most widely used. In cosmetics most of the times, because of its fragrance and anti-inflammatory effect, the eucalyptus oil is used. So, it can soothe the redness on the skin and calms the skin down the eucalyptus leaf powder is used as skin abrasive, especially for removing dead skin cells, so that the newer cells can appear, otherwise hiding beneath the dead skin cells. Also, it can bring out the even skin tone, removing any blemishes. The Eucalyptus leaf extract is an extract in water, has purifying property, it cleanses the skin, by loosening dead skin cells/oil/dust particles/ bacteria and helps them to detach from the skin., After using the extract, it provides a clear and brighter skin. The extract is used in lotions, toners, oily skin preparations, deodorants, and mouthwashes. All in all, these eucalyptus products are used in bath products such as soap, detergents; personal cleanliness products, skin and hair care products, fragrance preparations, makeup, and mouthwashes.

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