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INCI: Ethylhexyl stearate

What is Ethylhexyl stearate?

Ethylhexyl stearate or octyl stearate is an ester of stearic acid with octanol. It is again one member of the groups called stearate esters which are obtained by reacting stearic acid with an alkyl group containing alcohol. Stearate esters all have unique properties of oily nature, but low viscosity and lighter feel. That’s why they are the choice of solvents in makeup related products. Stearic acid is obtained from various animal and plant source. It comes as clear to slightly yellowish liquid. 

Use & Benefits:

Stearic acid is also linked to skin’s natural fatty acid content, so it is ideal for skin preparation. Moreover, it imparts the right amount of viscosity to the product, it acts as a thickening agent as well. It also forms a film over the skin, a hydrophobic barrier which does not let the moisture pass through and escape from the skin. And without any greasy feel, it moisturizes the skin. It also nourishes the skin and provides a protective barrier; moist skin is healthy enough to fight any external inflammation. After regular application, resultant skin may become softer and smoother. It is most frequently used in skincare products, lipstick, skin makeup, and eye makeup.

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