Ethylhexyl Olivate


INCI: Ethylhexyl Olivate

What is Ethylhexyl Olivate?

Ethylhexyl Olivate is a natural derived ester of olive oil. Olive oil is very beneficial for skin since it contains ingredients similar to some fatty acids present in the skin surface. The oil is obtained by crushing the olive fruits. It is mainly used to replace silicones such as dimethicones or polydimethylsiloxane. It is very light oil and instantly gets absorbed after application. It comes as a colorless and odorless liquid.

Use & Benefits

It contains useful fatty content for skin, which matches with skin’s own fatty acids. That’s the main reason, it not only moisturizes the skin but also provides beneficial properties to the skin. It forms a film over the skin or hair surface, which is a kind of occlusive film. However, it does not cause any suffocation to the skin but doesn’t let skin lose its own moisture it already has. It also conditions the skin and makes it supple. It also strengthens the skin’s epidermal layer, by providing missing fatty acids to the skin. It is a natural source apart from helping in formulation for replacing silicones, it also deeply benefits the skin. It is usually found in skincare creams and lotions, shampoos and conditioners, other body care products.

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