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INCI: Equisetum arvense extract

What is Equisetum arvense extract or Field horsetail?

Equisetum arvense, commonly known as field horsetail or shave grass is an herbaceous plant, native to arctic and temperate regions in the Northern hemisphere. The extract is an extract of the whole herb. However, leaf extract and leaf powder are also used in cosmetics. It is very high in silica content. Also, it contains compounds like campesterol, euisetrin, equisetonin; alkaloids such as palustrine, nicotine, and minerals like potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, aluminum, and magnesium. The extract comes as colorless to dark brown liquid.

Use & Benefits:

It has saponins as its constituents, and probably they are responsible for the matt finish of the product when the horsetail extract is used.  It is also a good moisturizer, which is a prime requirement of any cosmetics, that it should moisturize skin. Moisturized skin is stronger to withstand environmental and other probable damaging factors. Historically the extract has been used and soothing and anti-irritating agent. The tannins present in the extract are actually astringents also, the astringent is an agent which helps cell shrink a little bit in size. This is beneficial in case of the large open pores. For its astringent properties, gives skin a tighter look. It also conditions the skin and brings the skins natural glow back. It is used alone or in combination in preparations like hair and body care, anti-aging preparation, skin toners and in deodorants as well.
It is a natural emulsifier, as it contains saponins, glycosides, and other minerals. So, it can hold the oil and water phase together in a stable form. The glycosides that it contains also acts as astringent, meaning it can bind with dead skin cells on the skin surface and help them detach from there, leaving newer, brighter skin behind. It can moisturize skin, along with a soothing sensation and calm irritated skin. It provides moisture while also removing the dead skin cells. It can also be used in deodorants, because of soothing and moisturizing properties. It is widely accepted in any skincare products and makeup products

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