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INCI: Enteromorpha compressa extract

What is Enteromorpha compressa extract?

Enteromorpha compressa is a green-colored macroalga, mainly found in rocky substrata in the Mediterranean Sea and found at various other places. Since alga is the species with almost every possible nutrient, they carry. Enteromorpha compressa also contains high protein, lipid, vitamins B, C, and E; minerals, polysaccharides, and carotenoids.

Use & Benefits:

The extract of Enteromorpha compressa is so rich in nutrients that it is used for skin homeostasis. Meaning when it is applied on the skin, it immediately provides the electrolytes balance and hydration to the skin and makes it nourished. Ions play an important role in maintaining moisture balance for the skin. Especially it is recommended in post work out care regimen for skincare.  It also improves the transport between epidermal layer cells. Thus, an important ingredient or element can be transported inside the skin’s epidermal layer more easily. It improves the compactness of the epidermal layer and actively strengthens the structure of the skin. It is therefore also called a regenerative agent. As we age our skin becomes deprived of certain nutrients or the important micro and macronutrients become less available at the skin level. So, when this extract is applied, it gains the missing ingredients or elements back and becomes refresh again. It is used in lotions and creams, also specialty like dark circle treatment and slimming preparation.

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