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INCI: Dunaliella salina extract

What is Dunaliella salina extract?

Dunaliella salina is green unicellular micro algae, which is found in highly saline water or sea salt fields. In order to survive in such a harsh climate, such as high sunlight they develop more carotenoids and more glycerol to develop more osmotic pressure against the outer saline water.

Use & Benefits:

Dunaliella salina is rich in beta carotenoid, which is a provitamin A, a precursor to vitamin A. It acts as a powerful antioxidant for skin. When applied on skin it can reverse any ongoing oxidative damage to the skin by harsh weather or environmental pollution. It also fights any inflammation and helps soothe the skin. It also contains various minerals like magnesium, calcium, iodine, and potassium. Skin tends to lose these minerals, and many skins related problems appear. Topical application of this extract or powder replenishes the missing ions from the surface of skin and skin seems refreshed and relaxed. The Fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins contained in the algae extract, plays a significant role in protecting the skin and also boosts skin’s immunity against any infection. It also moisturizes the skin and forms a film over the skin that saves the skin’s natural moisture from vanishing into surroundings. High levels of beta-carotene when gets converted to vitamin A, this vitamin A rejuvenates the skin and prevents wrinkles. They also help maintain your skin’s suppleness and slows down the aging process. It has alpha-carotene and zeaxanthin, which again brings regenerative changes into the skin and prevents skin damage that is responsible for premature skin aging. Carotenoids derivatives isolated from the extract reportedly produce skin whitening effect by acting against hydroxyl radicals, prevents damage from UVA and UVB skin darkening. Thus, the extract is used in body care, skincare, and sun protection products.

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