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INCI: Disteardimonium hectorite

What is Disteardimonium hectorite?

Disteardimonium hectorite is a form of altered clay. The sodium ions of the clay molecules have been replaced by stearyldimonium C18 groups. Chemically speaking, it also belongs to quarternary ammonium compounds. Here the nitrogen has two stearyl (C18) groups and two methyl groups. Which makes it a positively charged bulky molecule. Because of the positive charge, it can attract other negatively-charged molecules, such an interaction is necessary to bring the distribution uniformity in any preparation. In other words, each and every drop of a formulation have the same content or structure and effect, and the quality cannot be compromised. It comes as a fine white powder.

Use & Benefits:

As mentioned earlier, it is used as a thickening agent. Especially when a thinner but viscous texture is required thickening agent comes in a picture, which can bring just right viscosity to a product. It also works as an emulsifier, which can hold oil and water phase effectively in a formulation. It also helps a uniform dispersion in case of dry powder or compact powder because of its finer texture. It is used in skin care products, lipstick, eye and face makeup, and deodorants.

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