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INCI: Disodium lauriminodipropionate tocopheryl phosphate

What is Disodium lauriminodipropionate tocopheryl phosphate?

Disodium lauriminodipropinate tocopheryl phosphate is also known as DLTP is the disodium salt of a mixture of esters made from lauriminodipropionic acid and tocopherol phosphate. It is also known as amphoteric surfactant meaning it has both the acidic and basic group in its structure. It is particularly important because it can hold both acidic and basic groups tide together and exert its effects more efficiently. Also, Vitamin E or tocopherol derivative is an added benefit in this molecule and can serve multifold purposes.

Use & Benefits:

The molecule altogether when incorporated in any formulation, it helps in reducing redness on the skin. Redness can affect the skin because of various reasons, either skin becomes extremely dry is one reason, another if it has been exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time or some mild allergic reaction to another ingredient, either alone or combination of these reasons can make the skin red and inflamed. So, when DLTP is used in any formulation, it soothes skin and helps the skin recover faster. It is as effective for sensitive skin also. Many times, when acne troubled skin has acne-related lesions as well, it can get more irritated easily because of bacteria and other factors like dirt, chemicals. In that case, also, DLTP can help relieve the skin trouble by soothing and curing it. The cuts after shaving and discomfort related to that can be encountered more frequently, which brings an annoying feeling of pain and redness. Here is when the DLTP comes in to picture and noticeably faster recovery can be achieved. It is used in facial care, body care, and color cosmetics.

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