Diisostearyl maleate


INCI: Diisostearyl maleate

What is Diisostearyl maleate?

Diisostearyl maleate is a diester obtained when malic acid and isostearyl alcohol are reacted. It comes as a liquid. Malic acid is naturally obtained from unripe fruits. Malic acid is C4 acid, while isostearyl alcohol is C18 alcohol.

Use & Benefits

Diisostearyl malate is an ester where the alkyl chain length is C18, which gives it a hydrophobic property as well as it can penetrate easily in the skin because of this property. It forms a thin layer over the skin surface, making the skin not lose any moisture, this way it moisturizes skin. It is considered as a polar oil, but still non-tacky feeling. It is compatible with all other hydrophobic solvents and oils. It is neither too viscous nor very light, it has got medium viscosity, which is ideal for dispersing the pigments evenly. It also acts as a pigment binder in color cosmetics. It is used in makeup base, foundation, lip gloss and in conditioner.

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