Diisostearyl dimer dilinoleate


INCI: Diisostearyl dimer dilinoleate

What is Diisostearyl dimer dilinoleate?

Diisostearyl dimer dilinoleate belong to a group called dialkyl dimer dilinoleates, which is specifically formed on the basis of a reaction between dilinoleic acid and different straight-chained or branched chain alcohols. Here, isostearyl alcohol and dilinoleic acid react to form diisostearyl dimer dilioleate. Now, dilinoleic acid is as the name suggests two molecules of linoleic acid joined together to form dilinoleic acid. Also, different alcohol when combined makes a compound with totally different and unique quality, including physical quality, ranging from a clear liquid to waxy solid. Diisostearyl dimer dilinoleate is a clear to slightly hazy yellow liquid with a characteristic odor.

Use & Benefits

When applied on the skin, it has a unique quality of slowly dissipating moisture from the skin surface, making skin look and feel smooth. Also, it forms a barrier on the surface of the skin and such a film provides protection to skin from environmental stimuli as well as it preserves the moisture skin already has. It provides a nongreasy, smooth, non-tacky and nongreasy skin feel. In certain cosmetic products such as lipstick or lip gloss, when the Diisostearyl dimer dilinoleate is used it gives a good shine to the skin surface. It is used in skin care products, hair care products, and eye color and lip color cosmetics.

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