Dicetyl phosphate


INCI: Dicetyl phosphate

What is Dicetyl phosphate?

Dicetyl phosphate or DCP is one of the alkyl phosphate group. It is a complex mixture of diesters of phosphoric acid and cetyl alcohol. It is available as solid white flakes.

Use & Benefits

Considering its chemical structure, it has both longer alkyl chain and some ions to donate, which makes it an ideal choice for a surfactant. It gets mixed with the oily phase, whereas other water-soluble ions attract actives those are already dissolved in water. It also does a similar thing with any impurities or dirt, and thus, it can be washed away easily. It is used alone or in other products as surfactant and emulsifier. Products such as decorative cosmetics, creams, lotions, hair care, skincare products, many times utilize DCP for its surfactant or emulsifier properties.

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