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INCI: Diatomaceous earth

What is Diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth, also known as various other names such as Kieselguhr, D.E., and Diatomite. It is found naturally in freshwater reserves or sometimes the places where water used to accumulate in the past. It is a mixture of silica (80-90%), Diatom or single-celled sea algae (1-5%), and iron oxide. It is actually a fossilized rock, which can get crumbled easily into white to off white, coarse to a fine powder.

Use & Benefits:

It has various special features like high porosity and lesser density, greater absorbency, Abrasive, and bulking. Due to its porous structure, it is mainly used in any cosmetics or powder to absorb any excess oil or dirt, even bacteria. It also can act as an abrasive, to get the dead skin cell layer removed faster in any skin related treatment, D.E. is an easier way of doing it. In cosmetics preparation, it is also used to give the product a matte finish. Because of higher absorbency, it is also used in deodorants. It is used in different powders to create bulk.

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