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INCI: DI-PPG-3 myristyl ether adipate

What is DI-PPG-3 myristyl ether adipate?

DI-PPG-3 myristyl ether adipate is a diester product of myristyl alcohol and adipic acid. It is available as a colorless liquid. It contains a fatty acid and alcohol mixture; both have unique characteristics in terms of skin health benefit.

Use & Benefits:

It has fatty acid adipic acid, which can easily penetrate into the skin because of the skin’s fat content. And thus, it moisturizes the skin because of its fat content. Also, it forms such a film which not only provides fat content but also prevents moisture loss. Moisture is a first and foremost requirement for skin’s health. It has alcohol, which is a good solvent for many pigments. Also mixture gives a unique gloss to a final product. Sometimes in formulations pigments, such as color pigments are very fine, and they are difficult to add into any formulation, at the same time they are very crucial in a product and uniform distribution is a must. In such a formulation problem, alcohol-based or organic solvent-based solvents can help. It is a good carrier and a solvent for many formulations. It is used in sun care products such as sunscreens, self-tan products, and after-sun products; color cosmetics, skin care creams, and lotions, eye care, hand, and feet care, nails and man grooming products.

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