Decylene glycol


INCI: Decylene glycol

What is Decylene glycol?

Decylene glycol is one of the short chain 1,2 glycols. The 1,2-glycol group has this particular property of viscosity enhancement in any formulation. It comes as whitish to white powder.

Use & Benefits

It has two -OH groups in its structure, which gives it a chemical characteristic of attracting many other positive ions. This particular property can be lethal to microorganisms as many of their vital enzymes can bind with this group rendering them inactive or dead. Thus, it is useful, especially in the case of bacteria prone problems like acne or body odor. It also has moisturizing property and forms a transient thin film on the skin surface. It reduces irritation potential, which is otherwise caused by other preservatives. It is useful in handwash formulation, hair care, shower gels, deodorants, and skin care formulations.

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