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INCI: Cysteine

What is Cysteine ?

Cysteine is a sulfur-containing amino acid, it is naturally found in almost every living organisms, especially those who have keratin in any form in their structure. Cystine is again an amino acid, but it is a molecule that is formed from two cysteine molecules joining together with a disulfide bond. It can be considered as a storage form of cysteine in our body. Cysteine can be fully synthesized to use in cosmetics or other medicinal uses from genetically engineered bacteria.

Use & Benefits:

Cysteine is a powerful antioxidant with potential to trap ROS. However cysteine in its natural form cannot exert its effect, so it has to get converted into acetylcysteine. It also produces a whitening effect. It affects in melanin production pathway in such a manner that it decreases the skin darkening melanin synthesis. Because of the sulfide group, it is also used as a reducing agent in many cosmetic preparations. Considering its chemical structure, it has much to offer in case of hair conditioning. It forms bonds and forms a thin layer over the hair shaft to produce an antistatic and conditioning effect. It is mainly used in creams and lotions and majority in hair preparations.

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