Cymbopogon martini


INCI: Cymbopogon martini

What is Cymbopogon martini or palmarosa?

Cymbopogon martini, is also known as palmarosa, is a perennial grass, native to India and China. It is called palmarosa because the leaves contain sweet smell like a rose. It is a very versatile plant, which grows in the wild. It is mainly grown for its active constituent, geraniol (>70%). Palmarosa oil is obtained from distillation of the entire plant of palmarosa.

Use & Benefits

Palmarosa oil, because of its active constituent geraniol, is the calming and refreshing effect on the skin. It also soothes skin, provides a moisturizing effect on the skin. Because of this property, it is useful, in case of skin prone to dryness and acne.

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