INCI: Cyclotetrasiloxane

What is Cyclotetrasiloxane?

Cyclotetrasiloxane is D-4, cyclic dimethyl polysiloxane compound. It is an excellent silicone-based carrier. It is one of the low molecular weight cyclic siloxane compounds in the series. It has a similar property like its other cyclic siloxanes, like volatility, clear and colorless liquid.

Use & Benefits

It has both the anionic and cationic groups in its structure, which makes it a useful surfactant. It has a property of dissipating leaving a thin film over skin or hair, the film it forms is a water repellent and thus, provides an emollient effect on skin and hair. It does not have cooling or irritation even after evaporating from the skin.  It makes the product more customer favored because of qualities like detangling, spreadability, smoothness, and non-greasy.

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