Cucumis melo fruit extract


INCI: Cucumis melo fruit extract

What is Cucumis melo fruit extract?

Cucumis melo is also is known as honeydew melon or cantaloupe. The fruit, seeds, and root extract all are equally beneficial for the skin. Also, fruit water and pulp mask can produce a very good effect on the skin and its health inside out. It contains vitamin A and C, flavonoids, volatile oils, pectin, and fructose.

Use & Benefits

Musk melon extract contains vitamins which are antioxidant in nature, they get readily absorbed into the skin and produce the antiaging effect. They protect and cure the damaged skin either as a result of aging or nutritional deficiency or environmental stress. It reduces the appearance of visible signs of aging. Fructose present nourishes and energizes skin cells and brings the fresh look of skin back. The extract also removes dead skin cells from the skin surface, clears the skin. Thus, making room for a newer layer of skin cells, It soothes skin and draws moisture from the surrounding environment to make the skin hydrated. It is used in skin care and body care products.

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