Copper tripeptide 1


INCI: Copper tripeptide 1

What is Copper tripeptide 1?

Copper peptides are three peptides when combined with copper and are naturally found in our body secretions. The fundamental behind using this peptide is similar to other rejuvenating products, and that is as we age our body has diminished pool of these peptides, result in aged, dull, wrinkled skin. When it is applied topically, it gets quickly absorbed because of copper and pool can be replenished to maintain the skin’s natural function.

Use & Benefits

It can stimulate many reactions within the skin to name a few- increased hyaluronic acid production, more production of collagen and elastin. Such processes at microlevel help the skin get a makeover, and the visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging can be improved gradually. Also, moisturization is a parallel going process, wherein it not only moisturizes the skin but also retains moisture. Moist skin, healthier skin is resistant to any environmental damage. They can also protect skin from free radicals as they scavenge those. Sun protection cannot be missed when copper peptides are applied, they protect skin from harmful UV rays.  They are available in the form of skin care products and hair care products, body care products as well.

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