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INCI: Copper Gluconate

What is Copper Gluconate?

Copper gluconate is a salt mainly derived from mineral resources. Copper is a vital element for the body internally as well as externally; it helps expedite enzymatic reaction. It also plays an important role in healing and strengthening the base layer of skin or the connective tissues like collagen and elastin. Copper gluconate comes as a blue, green powder.

Use & Benefits:

As mentioned earlier, copper gluconate repairs skin from within, meaning it firms the skin by improving collagen and elastin. Visible signs of aging like a fine line or wrinkles can be noticeably improved because of regulation of different skin cell related processes. It revitalizes skin by providing elemental or ionic copper. Since it is a copper-containing salt, its absorption is quicker. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps modulate the inflammation process and decreases the allergic response of skin to external allergens. This process leads to natural and calm skin.

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