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INCI: Coleus barbatus

What is Coleus barbatus or Coleus forskohli?

Coleus barbatus extract, also known as Coleus forskohli, is native to the Indian subcontinent, specifically in the Himalayan region. The tuber roots of this plant are medicinally very much important. Forskolin is a principal constituent found in the root extract of this plant. It is a diterpenoid and responsible for almost all major medicinal effects of the plant. 

Use & Benefits:

It is good at drawing moisture from surroundings for skin and makes it available for use in dry skin condition. Moisturization is of much importance in day to day life, when the skin is often exposed to a stressful situation like harmful sun rays, wind, and pollution. It moisturizes the skin and makes skin soft. It also conditions skin to a smoother texture. Forskolin corrects the disturbed cellular turnover rate for skin cells, particularly helpful in psoriasis but It may act as anti-cellulite and anti-aging in case of healthy skin and in a lower concentration. It is available as root powder, extract, in acne related formulation, and in lotion.

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