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INCI: Codium tomentosum extract

What is Codium tomentosum extract or Sponge?

Codium tomentosum, also known as sponge, weed or velvet horn, is green seaweed, found in lower shores of northeast Atlantic Ocean, coasts of Africa and England. Just like another alga, it is also rich in polysaccharides, amino acids, lipids, vitamins, and minerals.

Use & Benefits:

The extract is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is helpful in various ways for skin, it encourages the deep layer of skin to produce healthy skin cells. With a lesser amount of vitamin, A reached to the skin, skin becomes dry and if such problem persists skin may develop wounds. The extract help skin becomes healthier and firmer. It revitalizes skin with its rich mineral contents, which otherwise skin starts losing due to age or exposure to harsh weather. Polysaccharides and lipids in extract hydrate the skin and help protect skin against environmental factors. It is found in moisturizers, body creams, anti-aging cream, lip balms, and skin-hydrating creams.

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Complete your routine with a cleanser and other complimentary products and accessories.


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