Cocamide DEA & MEA


INCI: Cocamide DEA & MEA

What is Acacia Farnesiana Flower Extract?

Cocamide DEA and MEA are cocamide diethanolamine (C-DEA) and cocamide monoethanolamine (C-MEA), respectively. They are as the name suggests derived from fatty acids of coconut oil and treated with these amines to get the end product. C-DEA comes as a clear liquid, while C-MEA comes as waxy, white flakes.

Use & Benefits

They are used as thickening agents and foaming agents in cosmetics and hygiene-related formulation. They do not kill or retard organisms, but they assist in making foams, which help to bring any dirt on the surface and then rinse off. According to FDA10%, Cocamide DEA is safe to use in any products. Also it can interact within products to form nitrosamines. Therefore, according to the CIR expert panel, nitrosating agents should not be mixed with the products containing C-DEA, and it can be used safely as rinse off products in a concentration less than or equal to 10 %.  However, it is successfully used as an emulsifier and viscosity enhancer in any formulation. It gives product desired thickness. It is used in products bath related products, lotions, creams, and gels.

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