Citrus unshiu peel extract


INCI: Citrus unshiu peel extract

What is Citrus unshiu peel extract?

Citrus unshiu, also known as satsu
ma mandarin, mostly cultivated in Japan. It is also a very useful fruit as a whole and peel extract in cosmetics use. It is rich in carotenoids (Beta-cryptoxanthin, beta carotene), Limonoids (limonines, etc.), Flavonoids, coumarins, etc.

Use & Benefits

Each and every ingredient makes the mandarin very useful fruit for the entire body. It has carotenoids in it which are antioxidants, so are flavonoids and coumarins.  They fight against environmental stress and oxidative stress induced by free radicals and makes skin almost free of visible aging signs. Coumarins also act as anti-inflammatory agents, which help reduce redness and inflammation on the skin.  It is also believed to act as antimicrobial, so it is alright to use it on the skin with a cut or bruise. It is used in Soaps, hair products, makeup products like lipsticks or foundations, etc.

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