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INCI: Citrus reticulata leaf oil

What is Citrus reticulata leaf oil or Petitgrain mandarin?

Petitgrain mandarin is an oil extracted by a process called distillation from leaf and rind of the fruit of Citrus reticulata or mandarin. However, in a certain procedure, the oil is extracted by cold pressing the leaves or rind of the fruit of Citrus reticulata. Mandarin is a Chinese descent species, often confused for tangerine or clementine. Mandarin is much rounder and easy to peel skin. It is much sweeter. The petitgrain mandarin is the main source for natural dimethyl anthranilate (50%). It is a yellow-amber fluorescent color and fruity odor. The oil contains dipentene, limonene, alpha-pinene, geraniol, etc.

Use & Benefits:

The petitgrain mandarin is mainly used as a flavoring agent/ fragrance ingredient.  Many times, it happens, where a combination of different ingredients is despite beneficial in effect, may produce disagreeable odors/ taste and may produce false impression that the product is ruined or going to harm the body. So, when petitgrain mandarin is added in any product it masks this problematic taste/ smell and makes it acceptable to use. It also contains various fatty constituents which are suitable for conditioning the skin. As compared to other petitgrain oils, it is more stable to sunlight and does not cause any irritation on the skin.  It is used in many products like body wash, perfumes, toiletries, and certain food items as well.

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