INCI: CI77492

What is CI77492?

Iron oxides are inorganic compounds made up of iron and oxygen. The various combination of iron and oxygen makes around 16 different iron oxides. There are three main colors of iron oxide: black, red and yellow. Yellow iron oxide is ferric oxide with formula Fe2O3.H2O or FeO.OH; red iron oxide is obtained by heating yellow iron oxide so it has similar chemical formula, no H2O. Black iron oxide is ferrosol-ferric mixed oxide, chemically Fe3O4...

Use & Benefits

These are the main three-color pigments very fine and when mixed in the proper ratio - umbers, browns, siennas, and tans can be produced. Which gives excellent result in liquid foundations as well as face powders with wide range of natural skin tones. They are used in skincare products, makeup products, and eye makeup products, and nail polish.