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INCI: Chrysanthemum parthenium extract

What is Chrysanthemum parthenium extract or Feverfew?

Chrysanthemum parthenium is also known as feverfew and native to Asia. This ornamental plant bearing white flowers is found in gardens and sidewalks. Many times, it looks so similar to chamomile, the only difference that chrysanthemum has a single layer of white petals.  Its active constituents include sesquiterpene lactone -parthenolide, flavonoids like quercetin and apigenin and volatile oils.

Use & Benefits:

It is mainly used internally for many ailments. Externally extract when applied topically via different formulations, it improves skin with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Due to its anti-inflammatory potential, it soothes irritated skin. It also contains volatile oils which help refreshing skin. Some of them may also act as astringent, removing dead skin cells from the skin more easily and leaving it smooth and fresh with newer looking skin. Antioxidant qualities of this extract can help skin fight free radicals, and other oxidative stress on the skin and prevents it from losing the smoothness and firmness further and at the same time improves aging signs on the skin. It is used in bath products, creams, and lotions, toners, and cleansers.

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