Chrysanthemum coccineum flower extract


INCI: Chrysanthemum coccineum flower extract

What is Chrysanthemum coccineum flower extract ?

Chrysanthemum extract is an extract obtained from chrysanthemum coccineum flowers. It is also well known as pyrethrum, because of its insecticidal property. The extract comes as light to medium yellow liquid, with a characteristic odor. It contains the constituents called ‘pyrethrins’ namely pyrethrin I and pyrethrin II, chrysanthemic acid and other keto alcohols.

Use & Benefits

It is the most useful insecticide, but in the case of cosmetics it has not much benefit over the skin. It may be used as an astringent. It is used in case of facial cleansing treatments when it is applied on the face, it loosens the dead skin cells, and with mild scrubbing, they easily come off leaving newer skin behind. It also has mild soothing properties; it calms the irritated skin in milder concentration (5-10%). It is used in creams, toners, and lotions.

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